Global Initiatives and Responsible Business Television Pioneer Hyper-Relevant Video Search and Collaboration with ScopraMedia

LONDON, England and KIRKLAND, Wash. – September 19, 2011 – Responsible Business, a television series produced by Global Initiatives, announced today its collaboration with ScopraMedia to enable hyper-relevant video search, allowing people to easily find and share specific content and knowledge inside of the Responsible Business video collections. This capability was demonstrated at the Business for the Environment (B4E) Climate Summit, 2011.

Showcasing leading global corporations in partnership with government, NGOs and other international organizations, Responsible Business develops business-winning solutions to some of the greatest challenges facing our world today. Each episode showcases companies that are setting new benchmarks for measuring business, social and environmental success. So far, the catalog of these world changing videos numbers more than one hundred.

Tony Gourlay, CEO of Responsible Business, stated, “Many people have shared with me that they do not have the time to view all of these videos but really need to know about specific knowledge within them—they don’t even have time or patience for viewing the videos resulting from search results from typical title and description searches. Therefore, helping people find and share key knowledge from the exact time points within the video and from the series of videos, is crucial for sustainability and rapid knowledge absorption of best practice success. We are delighted with how ScopraMedia helps us.”

Al Lalji, founder of ScopraMedia said, “We are passionate about enabling leading corporations to collaborate around knowledge previously hidden inside videos, now making it easy to find, consume, reference, share and annotate for best results. Responsible Business Television from Global Initiatives is the ideal place to have the greatest positive impact for sustainable success and we are honored to be a part of it.”

ScopraMedia is complementary to Responsible Business Television’s existing video portal. It delivers hyper-relevant, in-context video search capabilities, along with a core set of insightful reporting on usage and activity to identify key search phrases and patterns of greatest interest. The ScopraMedia video player also delivers to Responsible Business Television users search by exact phrases or keywords that have been spoken in video, or saved as time-specific relevant tags, bookmarks or annotations. Relevant video search results are scored in an innovative way and displayed to the users for playback from the point(s) of interest. Search results bookmarking capabilities and collaborative sharing with annotations helps Responsible Business Television to increase usage, loyalty and productivity of its users.

Initially rolled out as a showcase for the B4E Summit, the ScopraMedia-enabled showcase of Responsible Business Television may be experienced from the Video Showcase area

About ScopraMedia LLC

Founded in 2010, ScopraMedia® LLC is a Washington state–based technology company that provides hyper-relevant video products and services to save time and increase customer productivity, loyalty and satisfaction. ScopraMedia is a sub-corporation of SmarTek21®, a global IT services company that helps enterprises solve development, implementation and business problems. Representative clients of SmarTek21 include Expedia®, Microsoft®, MSNBC®, Real Networks® and T-Mobile®, among others. The ScopraMedia team working within SmarTek21 is experienced in delivering prompt service to complex multinational organizations. More information about the company is available at

About Responsible Business Television

Responsible Business is a television series produced by Global Initiatives based in Singapore and showcases leading global corporations that, in partnership with government, NGOs and other international organizations, are developing business-driven solutions to some of the greatest challenges facing our world today. Not only to improve corporate reputation or increase profits, but because it’s the right thing to do. The series highlights the issues – poverty, climate change, human rights, corruption, education and healthcare, among others – and explores innovative strategies and partnerships that place corporate citizenship at the very centre of international business. Each episode showcases companies that are setting new benchmarks for measuring business, social and environmental success.

Responsible Business explores the role of the corporation in advancing sustainable economic and social development and solving global problems through multi-stakeholder partnerships. Promoting the principles put forth by the United Nations Global Compact, the series presents companies demonstrating leadership in adopting these principles throughout their business.

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or Al Lalji, founder and chief technical officer,,+1 425 242-3786

Responsible Business Television: Tony Gourlay, CEO,,+65 6534 8681, or